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Article with Enhancements

Article Subheadline / Promo Description


This is an Article, a main building block—or content type—of a site. It contains fields that auto-populate the page with the information you enter. Brightspot offers a basic article, plus several supported variations that are news specific.

Articles are a way for publishers to add evergreen or breaking news content to a site. Articles can support text-heavy content, or content with very little or no text, or content supported by enhancements such as images or embedded social posts.


This is the Article Body: The Body should be an optional field, displaying on the front end. The Body field supports Enhancements and Rich Text Editing.

You can see a live preview of this Article by clicking on the eye icon in the top right portion of the edit screen, to the left of the Publish button. Live previews update as you make changes to the Article's fields (Body, Tags, and more), allowing you to see exactly how the final Article will look on your site. These previews are shareable with anyone—inside or outside your organization—by clicking on the share icon. No more jumping through hoops to collaborate!

Articles and other content types can be assigned into Sections or given Tags, both of which will help you customize your site's experience for your audiences.

When finished, you can save an Article it by clicking on the save icon. Once saved, other users can review and edit the Article, helping shape it into the best possible version of itself. When you're ready to go live, you can publish an Article by clicking on the Publish button in the top right portion of the screen. Once published, the Article can be archived and then either republished or deleted.

This is the short biography of the Author.